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Not Always Picture Perfect

Clearly this isn’t a card or for that matter a perfectly inspiring image of a project that everyone is going to pin to their “must try” boards. Maybe more like a Pinterest fail?!

So why am I sharing this? It kind reminds me of my stamping journey. What you see in this photo is my real sliding glass door covered with the real paper snowflakes Sidney and I made together for an advent activity.

When you start anything new you are so excited to do that activity that maybe you don’t read the instructions but just jump in – hence my square snowflakes (I am not sure what shape to call Sidney’s but I am sure knows the fancy polygonal name). Pretty, but not what we were going for. Then you tweak a little – now we have the round ones. Finally, we sought some outside help, better know as google -for some free printable templates viola! A beautiful 8 sided object that looks like the snowflake we all had in our minds.

We could have taken down the oddly shaped precursors and only kept the template ones (which we are still making because they have been so much fun) but then it wouldn’t be real. You see those first snowflakes much like the first cards are heartfelt pieces of happiness delivered with pride.

We know everything gets better with practice and with that I encourage you to make this year’s holiday cards, take the time to send out real birthday cards instead of just a Facebook post or write that thank you card because the greatest gifts are the gifts of the time and love spent making these gifts by your own two hands.

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