It doesn’t LOOK like a Pinterest fail…

But it tastes like one!

Again, I know this is not a card but I had to share our homemade marshmallows. Stay with me here there is a reason-promise!

They look like marshmallows, they feel like marshmallows but they don’t taste like it. The error was simple really we used vanilla bean paste not extract- so waaaaaay to heavy on the vanilla (I never thought I would EVER say that since I buy vanilla in a 1 gallon bottle).

I am sharing this because it again reminded me of card making. It takes me sometimes hours to come up with a design for a card and it may look ok but I may not be happy with it. It is not always perfect the first time. So back to the grid paper.

We all grow, we all learn- we all get another chance to make more marshmallows. More importantly it is sometimes best to be simple and to simply follow the recipe.

If you see a card design you like make it. We say “CASE” it – copy and share everything. Giving credit where credit is due of course.

I tell you all this because I hear so often that cards are not getting made because the person doesn’t know what to make with what they have bought- my friends this is what I am here for- to help. Definitely, make time to do something for yourself and another (you purchased the supplies you must have liked making cards with the intent on sending them), you will both be happier for it. More the better if your children are seeing you take time for yourself as it reminds them that you are not only super parent but a human as well- even if they don’t like not being the focus of your attention.

CASE away – don’t let those beautiful cards just waiting to be made sit on the shelf and the moral of my story- there is always some who will love a card made by you even if it is not your favorite, the first step is making it.

As for the marshmallows, Luna loves them…

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