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Christmas Gifts Tic Tok Style

Have you ever seen those videos where you start watching someone make something and then they snap their fingers or some other slick move and POOF Tic Tok Magic it's done! Here is my not on video, not quite done but good enough for the moment version.

3D projects, Handmade Cards, Holiday Themed, Winter

We BEE Stamping Team Blog Hop-3-D Christmas Gifts

s month's theme is 3D Christmas gifts. Nothing says the holidays like lights, no matter the holiday you celebrate I can't think of a culture that does not celebrate lights in some manner. So I decided to make a giftable lantern.

3D projects

Get More Satisfaction by Choosing Long Term Projects

The value of a complex or long term project is the satisfaction it gives YOU the creator! For example, the post on Monday had a creative fold, not complex but out of my comfort range. But the success of such a card has given me confidence to create duplicates of the design for this year's holiday card making.