Handmade Cards, Spring, Summer

Beautiful Day-Challenge Card Part 4

This card was not a "winner" in my last card challenge with Linda Bauwin but it was a bit of vintage mixed with floral with a modern disstresed feel.

Handmade Cards, Spring, Summer

Why I love Free as a Bird- Part 1

With the Free as a Bird Stamp set being my give away this month you must see why I love it!

Birthday, Handmade Cards

Sequins IN or Sequins OUT, I can’t decide!

The card on the left has the sequins going inwards while the card on the right has the sequins pushing outwards. Both cards use all the same materials. The only difference is the the position of the cupcake/sentiment and the direction of the sequin embossing on the foil paper. Comment below I would love to know what you think of either design!